Dietetic Services


To provide safe and optimal nutritional care for patients, staff and public through food and dietary service.


Anson bay Medical centre is pleased to offer you both inpatient and outpatient dietic services,provided by our quality and professional dietician. They are expert in both food and nutrition. They assist you in managing your nutritional needs.


Food and nutrition are major part of humans life. A clear understanding on what you should eat specifically during the period of illness. These may help to aid faster recovery  from sickness  and also an  effective control your medical condition. 


When You Should See Our Dietitian

 We see a dietitian for several reasons:

  • A person faces digestive problems 
  • You’re pregnant or new mom 
  • You need to gain or lose weight 
  • You’re caring for an aging parent 
  • You want a practical lifestyle practice 
  • You want to improve your performance in sports 
  • You realize the need to feed your family healthier
  • When you face health  issues 
  • When teenagers want to be fit. 
  • When you have family members with some chronic diseases and diabetics. 
What Will You get From Our Dietitian

Get a beneficial health advice and what to consume according  to health condition. Educate patients what to eat based on their health accordingly.For example diabatic patients can’t consume foods which are rich with carbs. . Provide dietary advice for patients. Run health seminars and camp to the outsiders. Our dietitian helps to improve your quality lifestyle. You may can also get some informative and easy booklet prepared by our dietitian.  It could guide you through out your healthy  and colorful  life journey.