Ambulance Services

24 hours emergency


Anson Bay Medical Centre is the first private hospital that provide ambulance for emergency.


  • To provide well equipped ambulance and respond rapidly to the request for help in medical emergency.
  • To provide specializes medical skills to maintain life and reduce injuries in emergency situation.
  • The ambulance service of Anson Bay Medical Centre (ABMC) provides 24 hour service for the public.
  • Ambulance service is operated by qualified trained ambulance to deliver high quality immediate first aid and emergency treatment to patients.

We aim to provide a service and nurture a culture which is safe, effective, caring, well-led, and responsive to people’s need.

Ambulance Services

  • Ambulance service from ABMC to home / other hospital
  • Ambulance service for transfer of patient from other hospital to ABMC
  • Ambulance service for TCA patient to ABMC

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