Health Screening


Numerical Result Determine Your General Health Screening
At Anson Bay Medical Centre, we believe in the important of regular health screening and proper medical advice to help you achieve good health. We help you to reduce your health risk before it affects the quality of your life.

What to bring? (If applicable)

  • Letter of Guarantee from an approved company
  • Your Identification Card
  • Passport (for foreign or international patients)
  • Previous X-Ray film and report (if available)
  • Laboratory results
  • Current medication or medical report


General Advice

  • Please call 05-6232999 ext.: 101 to schedule an appointment one (1) or two (2) days prior to the actual day of screening.
  • You are required to fast for a minimum of eight (8) hours prior to the screening as this will ensure accuracy of results.
  • Please inform our staff upon registration if you are on any medical treatment or if you have any medical conditions that entail special requirements



  • It is best to have your health screening done one (1) week or ten (10) days before or after your menses in order to obtain more accurate results. This is even more important when doing a Pap smear and Mammogram.
  • Please inform the doctors if you are pregnant, as some examination have radiation that can be harmful to the foetus.



  • Please bring along your previous mammogram film / CD and report if available.
  • Please refrain from using perfume, talcum powder or deodorant (on breast or underarm) before this procedure.