Haemodialysis Unit of Anson Bay Medical Centre is equipped with modern equipment such as mechanical seats, audio and visual alarm system to ensure each haemodialysis procedure is carried out in a safe and comfortable environment. Each haemodialysis session will be handled by experienced nurse and monitored by our nephrologist.

Haemodialysis Unit of Anosn Bay Medical Centre also has the modern osmosis water filtration system which meets the standards of AAMI (Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation).

Types of haemodialysis services provided:

  • Acute haemodialysis
  • Bicarbonate haemodialysis
  • Emergency hemodialysis


Treatment schedule:

Monday to Saturday: from 7am until 5.30 pm (for outpatients)

On-call: for inpatients

*** We also offer haemodialysis services to those patients who are not from Teluk Intan but are enjoying their holidays in Teluk Intan. These patients can contact the Haemodialysis Unit here to arrange their haemodialysis schedules so that their haemodialysis treatment are not interrupted during their holidays.